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In fact, Chinese consumers spend an average of 1.5 hours a day searching for information on the Internet, which suggests that they usually interact through digital platforms.  This means that in the era of digital marketing, online platforms, and online payments, online shopping has become a great success tool for many brands.

Unfortunately, China has blocked key platforms such as Facebook and Twitter from promoting your products and services.  Chinese Internet users use their own social media platforms in China, such as Tencent Wechat (the main messenger and social network in China), Weibo (analogous to Facebook and Twitter in China), Youku & Tudou (analogous to YouTube in China), Xiaohongshu (also known as the Red Book, a social content-sharing platform where users can post product photos with reviews and advice to other users), DouYin (Chinese version of Tik Tok, short video sharing platform) and more.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) in China has become a popular tool for most online marketing campaigns.

Our SMM service allows your business to connect with your Chinese audience with maximum adaptation to Chinese culture.  An effective social media marketing campaign develops the relationship between you and your customers by engaging them directly in promoting your products or services.

Classic marketing research can include market size;  technological trends;  regulatory framework;  competitive environment;  market structure and channels and market development prospects.

Benefits of China Social Media Marketing:

Increasing brand awareness and reputation of your company

Build subscribers’ trust in your company

Driving traffic to your website

Generating conversions and increasing sales

Improving customer service and brand loyalty


China’s main social media and e-commerce platforms.

WeChat is China’s most popular messaging app with a monthly user base of over 1 billion and is owned by Tencent, one of Asia’s largest IT companies.  Although WeChat was originally a messenger, it has now evolved into an app where you can do whatever you want.

From online payment to booking flights.


Weibo is a popular social network in China,

Similar to Twitter, with the ability to publish large articles. A Weibo for Business account will allow you to increase brand awareness, drive new traffic to your site, and increase conversions through targeted advertising, which is an effective channel of communication with your audience.


Taobao is the largest e-commerce platform in China, owned by the Alibaba Group.  Taobao mainly features domestic brands for the domestic market.

You can open a store on Taobao only for a company registered in China.


Tmall – offers premium products than Taobao.  On Tmall, consumers can find well-known brands and even international direct-shipped products from Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, or the USA.

Tmall, with its Tmall Global platform, is much more open to overseas and Hong Kong companies than Taobao, which is purely domestic.

Online trading platforms in China is the second-largest B2C e-commerce market in China (after Taobao, which includes Tmall).  While Taobao and Tmall are open platforms allowing anyone (at least in China) to open a store and start selling, is more focused on direct sales.  Thus, works more like a traditional online store.

JD Worldwide is a program that allows overseas companies and brands to sell directly to the Chinese market using its marketplace.


Xiaohongshu – Not just an e-commerce platform like Tmall and JD, but rather a lifestyle community with a dedicated section dedicated to brand stores.

The site mainly attracts young women aged 18-35 looking for reviews of products of interest.


Weidian is a third-party CMS that works great with the built-in WeChat browser.  Weidian is often used by individuals or small businesses selling everything from imported cosmetics to handmade items.  Registration is free, however Weidian currently unavailable for foreign companies, including Hong Kong ones.

To open a Weidian store, you need a business license and a bank account in mainland China.


Youzan – Unlike Weidian, which provides free registration, Youzan is paid.  Plans start at RMB 4,800.

However, Youzan also requires a mainland China business license and bank account before opening a store.


Tell us about your project, your goals in China, as well as your budget, and we will create a tailor-made strategy that suits your needs.  We’ll tell you which store you can open for your brand and budget, and tell you which direction you should follow to achieve your goals in China.  Our strategy is aimed at gaining audience trust and a high level of communication.


 Our services:

We will help you develop your Chinese social media strategy and managing your social media accounts in China.

1. Creating a social media strategy in China: platform choice, objective analysis, and content plan.

2. Registering and setting up social media in China: WeChat official account, Weibo official account, Youku channel, etc.

3. Create posts in Chinese.

4. Chinese subtitles for your video or the creation of a Chinese video by our professional partners.

  1. Interaction with subscribers.
  2. Monthly consultations and reports.

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