Accounting advice on working in China

Entrepreneurial activity is the basis for the prosperity of any society.

If we discard all the difficulties in organizing such economic activities and leave only accounting, then there are enough issues that need to be solved professionally.
Especially if it concerns interaction with companies from another country from China.

Moreover, it is necessary to conduct business correctly if the subsidiary is opened in China.

What is the right choice?

To conduct business independently or to seek help from the company or an individual specialist who can help with these issues?
The solution must be selected for each individual case.

Support of companies in China

China has its own laws. On accounting, there is a law “On accounting”. There are also other documents that should be followed when doing business.

Needless to say, if you take on such a case, you will need a high-class specialist who needs to be paid well. In addition, you need to communicate with him in some way.

In what language?

There is a whole range of issues that should be addressed in the course of achieving this goal.

Therefore, an obvious alternative to maintaining your own accounting department is to cooperate with companies that provide support and audit of enterprises in China.

By the way, there are serious differences between accounting systems within the country and during foreign economic activity.

There is also a point that companies that operate in China and provide support, try to provide as few services as possible. In particular, questions about social benefits often fall out of their purview. Here, too, such a moment is important.

In general, there are many issues, and they should be solved quickly and efficiently.
It is good that there are companies on the market that provide such services and work in three languages: Chinese, Russian, and English.

Cooperation with Chinese suppliers

Here I would like to touch on the issues that relate to the choice of a large accompanying company or a private accountant who can provide support.

Accounting Consulting — Private Accountant

Working in this area is easier than doing business on behalf of a Chinese company.
That is, at least you will report to the other countries tax authorities if you decide to purchase a product in China and sell it in the territory of other countries.

In this regard, you can cooperate with both large companies, which, of course, will charge more, and with small suppliers of such services. They will take, of course, cheaper.
At the same time, it will be fair for both of them that in their company they will not have to allocate space for the work of specialists, allocate a computer, or purchase programs.
No need to worry about their design. All this falls on the shoulders of the partner. You just need to set tasks, get results, and pay for services.

As you can see, there is a choice, and it is large. It is worth thinking about how it is more convenient to organize a business for you. Moreover, good quality can be found in any scenario, and this allows you to choose calmly.

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