Customs consulting

We provide a range of consulting services in the field of foreign trade, including several professional areas, which makes it possible to optimize the implementation of a foreign trade transaction as much as possible. The specialists of Lang Yeon Consulting Company, who have accumulated extensive experience in the field of transport and logistics services, customs, and international financial law, are happy to provide you with qualified advice in the following areas:

Consultations on foreign economic activity:
• Legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of foreign trade;
* selection of delivery terms, according to INCOTERMS 2010;
* evaluation of the import/export contract;
* assistance in drafting an international contract;
* agreement of the contract with international partners, conducting negotiations;
* registration of foreign trade participants at the customs post;
* advising clients on tariff and non-tariff regulation issues; (certificates, licenses, etc. permits);
* selection of the HS code when declaring the goods;
* calculation of customs payments, taxes, and fees in connection with the movement of goods and vehicles across the border of the Russian Federation;
* selection of the necessary documents to confirm the declared customs value;
* advising on liability for violation of customs legislation;
* representation of the client’s company’s interests in the customs authorities of the Russian Federation;
* settlement of issues when adjusting the customs value in court and pre-trial order.

Transport and logistics
* development of the optimal route for cargo delivery, reengineering of the existing logistics scheme for the delivery of the client’s goods;
* optimization of delivery time (price/time/reliability);
* choose the type of transport (car, air, railway, sea);
* multimodal transportation;
* combined cargo;
* consolidation warehouses;
* registration of goods and transport documentation.

Financial advice:
* advising on liability for currency offenses;
* registration of a transaction passport, supporting documents for currency transactions;
* accounting issues in the implementation of foreign trade (VAT on transactions and services, VAT at customs);
* analysis of import/export costs;
* foreign trade audit (audit of the company’s foreign economic activity).

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