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Company formation in China – business consulting services for company registration, accounting services, deal with taxes and legal formalities, bank account opening in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Haikou, Sanya and Chengdu. Also trademark registration, create a distribution network for your products in China.

Why have more than a hundred clients already chosen us?

Fully transparent prices

We have maximum price transparency, as well as clarity in the fixed costs that were made in a certain period of time.

Work experience over 5 years

For more than 5 years, we have been effectively and reliably fulfilling the assigned tasks of our clients, and we also put our souls into what we do here and now.

Payment by installments

We provide our clients with the opportunity to pay for our services in installments with the possibility of early debt repayment.

Competitive cost

The cost of our services includes only what is needed. This approach allows our company to offer our customers prices that favorably differ from competitors.

Setting up a company in China is a great step towards building a profitable business and if you are attracted to a growing market with 1.4 billion customers, then you are in the right place.

Lang Yeon Consulting Company is an international consulting company that has been helping its clients to set up companies and providing a full range of services for doing business in China for over 5 years.

Starting from accounting services and opening an office, ending with consulting on documents and reporting procedures in China. More than 1,500 companies have already applied for the experience of Lang Yeon Consulting Company, we will help you open a company in China, deal with taxes and legal formalities and make a successful business.

We will allow you to focus on the most important thing – on the development of your business!


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Company formation in China - business consulting services


Legal system in China

Date 14/10/20 - Steps to set up a company in China Content: 1. How the legal system works in China 1.1. Legislative function 1.2. The consignment 1.2.1. Executive / administrative function 1.2.2. Judicial function 1.2.3. In places How the legal system works in China The legal system of the People's Republic of China (PRC) is

Chinese Civil Code: Implications for E-Commerce Companies

Date 14/10/20 - Steps to set up a company in China Content: What is the Civil Code? What are the implications for ecommerce? How does the Civil Code apply to e-commerce in China? Some Frequently Asked Questions 1. Do we have "contracts" in e-commerce? Since when am I legally bound and protected? 2. What is

Steps to set up a company in China

Date 14/10/20 - Steps to set up a company in China Important milestones for starting a company in China 1. Completion and thorough verification of all required forms when applying for company registration in China. 2. Registration of the company name with the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC). 3. Applying to open a

Selection of office space in China

Date 14/10/20 - Selection of office space in China To open a company in China, a prerequisite is the presence of a legal address - an office. When registering a company, an office is required, since China is trying to keep businesses safe and prevent fly-by-night companies from emerging. And the presence of a real

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